The Jijivisha Fellowship

The Jijivisha Fellowship is a full-time, year-long, paid fellowship programme run by Slam Out Loud. Fellows are placed as a socio-emotional learning (SEL) facilitator in low-income private schools in India. The Fellows inculcate Creative Confidence skills in children, a combination of Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) and 21st century skills by leveraging art forms such as poetry, visual art, storytelling, and theatre.

The Fellowship, which was running in Delhi and Pune so far, has now expanded to Mumbai and Bangalore in 2023, giving us the opportunity to impact 10,500+ children from disadvantaged communities in underserved schools.

Fellows will be in classrooms, Mondays through Saturdays, facilitating grades 5 to 8 with 40 students in each class. Along with creating lesson plans, interacting with teachers and school administration, Fellows will also be engaging with parents and the larger community, enabling them with SEL-based tools, leading sharing circles, and best practices circles for better outcomes for children.

“My experience of the Jijivisha fellowship over the past few months has been enriching to my growth as a theatre performer and facilitator. I find that the ownership given to each fellow is marvellous in coordination and planning of each session along with mapping the progress made. There has been a lot of support from the organisation but with a great push towards learning how to grasp whatever responsibilities that go into teaching children.”
Heidi, A Jijivisha Fellow

During the year-long fellowship programme, Fellows will receive full support from SOL via training, mentorship, learning circles, participation in events, and networking with peers.

To round it off, Jijivisha Fellows will have the opportunity to develop their own skills and showcase their talent in the arts through public and in-house platforms. They can apply for full-time and freelance roles with SOL after the programme ends as well as look for diverse opportunities within the arts-in-education space in India and internationally.

For more information, check out this FAQ page.

Jijivisha mentors