Arts For All

With some 826 million (82.6 crores) children kept out of the classroom by the COVID-19 pandemic without access to a household computer, the pandemic has made our privilege so visual and for us as educators, highlighted the divide of access in digital engagements and learning.

At Slam Out Loud, we have ensured that our commitment to making children’s voices heard everywhere is upheld.

Arts For All uses the arts along with multiple low tech platforms to deliver support for arts-based socio-emotional learning and mental well being to the most vulnerable children at scale. By offering localized, need-sensitive and engaging at-home audio, video, text, and print resources for learners who have limited access to the internet, we aim to lead children towards creative outcomes and building mental resilience during the COVID-19 based school closure period.

Within a few weeks of school closures, we rapidly adapted our interventions to create resources that are free of cost, interactive, and accessible in English and Hindi (and translated into Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi) and made them available through various low-tech distribution channels - WhatsApp, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) and Radio.

Given diverse levels of access to technology, our intervention is designed to be flexible and to be hosted across different platforms to reach children in the most under resourced spaces.

Arts For All currently reaches 4.7 million children, across 23 Indian States and 19 countries, along with more than 610 partners in the form of governments, educational institutions or state actors, who continue to help us in our vision of nurturing children’s voices everywhere.

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