FAQs about Slam Out Loud

What is the belief behind Slam Out Loud?

Fostering voice has always been a valued part of how children learn to imagine what can be, in the place of what is. At Slam Out Loud, our endeavour is to create a nation where every child has a voice, that empowers them to change lives. We believe that when our children are empowered to harness their voices, they can influence issues confronting their communities, bring about a more just and inclusive society, call attention to long standing problems, or otherwise change the world. Supriya, a 15 year old at Slam Out Loud sums it up for us pretty well, "I imagine a future where there will be no boundaries, no borders but one land, one religion, humanity, and love. It'll be a world where everyone understands the real meaning of arts and education."

How old is Slam Out Loud?

Slam Out Loud was registered in February 2017!

Who are the people behind Slam Out Loud?

To meet the Slam Out Loud team, go to the home page

What is the mission of Slam Out Loud?

Slam Out Loud is a 3 year old, for mission, non profit organization based in India that uses the arts to build creative confidence skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy in children from disadvantaged communities. We envision, “Individuals everywhere will have a voice that empowers them to change lives”.

What is the nature of incorporation of Slam Out Loud?

Slam Out Loud is incorporated as Foundation of Arts for Social Change in India under section 8 of Not For Profit company.

How can I support the work that Slam Out Loud is doing?

You can know more about supporting Slam Out Loud by visiting Volunteer page

Is your content open source?

Yes, our content is available publicly, on multiple platforms. You can find us at @slamoutloud on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You can also head to Resources on our website to learn more.

FAQs about Volunteering

Who can sign up for Volunteering?

Anyone above the age of 18, who wishes to work with us and share their skills to contribute towards the arts for social change movement can sign up for volunteering. To know more, visit Volunteer page.

What programmes can I volunteer or intern for?

We regularly post volunteer/intern requirements on our Instagram so that’s the best place to stay in touch with what’s happening! Details on how to apply and when can be found there too. You can also visit this form and connect with us!
Fellowship & Application FAQs

What does the Jijivisha fellowship entail?

It is an year-long fellowship wherein professional artists are placed in low-income classrooms every year. Over the course of a year, fellows deliver 18 sessions (75 hours) of arts based learning across art forms like poetry, storytelling, theater and visual arts.

Who can apply to be a Jijivisha fellow? How can I apply?

Anyone above 18 years of age and at least 1 year of college education completed. One must be well versed with planning and facilitation and has a formal or informal experience with an art form (poetry, storytelling, theatre, or visual arts). You can stay in touch with our Instagram to know when we open applications for the new cohort and check out more about Jijivisha here.
Donation FAQs

How can I donate to Slam Out Loud?

You can donate to Slam Out Loud via our Fundraiser.

Can foreign citizens donate?

Yes, absolutely! Our Fundraiser accepts donations in Indian Rupee, US Dollar, UAE Dirham, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Euro, Pound (Sterling Pound), Qatari Rial, Saudi Riyal & Hong Kong Dollar.

Can I claim Tax exemptions on my donation?

Yes! All donations to Slam Out Loud are tax-exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Will I receive a donation certificate?

Yes, we provide a donation certificate (and virtual hugs) to all our donors.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will aid us in our vision towards amplifying children’s voices everywhere. To know more about our programs, please visit here. You can also drop us a mail at contact@slamoutloud.com if you wish to contribute to a particular area of development within our programs, or join our movement in any other capacity!

Will I receive a fund utilization report for my donation?

All online donors receive newsletter updates on progress of Slam Out Loud. Since the donations are pooled together and used for the entire program as a whole, online donors do not receive an individual fund utilisation report.

Is the website safe to make online payments?

Yes, our fundraiser is safe for all online transactions.

If as a corporate, foundation or individual I wish to partner with Slam Out Loud and contribute more, whom should I contact?

Slam Out Loud partners with individuals, foundations and corporations. To discuss how we can partner with you or your organization, please write to us at contact@slamoutloud.com.